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New Year 2020

Social Media New Year Pledge 2020

As we start a new year, it’s time for a reminder about good etiquette and safety when using social media. PS: Updated information for New Year 2020!

Take this Social Media New Year Pledge for 2020!

Social Media New Year Pledge 2020

For more information about the items pledged in the Social Media New Year Pledge graphic, below is a longer and more in-depth outline of the items.  


Take Facebook Quizzes!

Taking quizzes could put you at risk for identity theft (more information below). Do yourself and DO NOT do Facebook quizzes in the new year!

Pass Along Chain Letters!

Facebook posts that ask you to post something to your wall (like a heart) and/or to share with at least 10 or more of your friends are chain letters.

Many times this will come to you in the form of a Messenger post.

As above, so it is true here: chain letters and quizzes can help spread links to phishing scams that steal online account credentials or malicious websites that infect computers or mobile devices with viruses, spyware, ransomware or other malware.

Pledge in the new year to NOT pass along Chain Letters.

Share a Picture of a Plane Ticket, RV, Car, Jewelry,
etc. to Win!

See above AND know that hackers are looking for people that
“fall” for these bogus prizes so they can target them for another kind of scam.

Copy & Paste a Post “Just in Case”!

When you see something that everyone seems to be copying and
pasting, do some research first to find out if what you are seeing is real or
fake. These include posts about Facebook stealing your photos, charging for use
etc. It also includes some of the missing persons, sick kids, etc. Do your
homework before blindly passing on.

In addition, when you copy and paste, a hacker can search Facebook (or any social platform) for a phrase from the post and then find the people that shared it. This makes you a target for a scam or hack because you appear more gullible if you are one that will copy and paste something which makes you more of a target.

Accept Friend Requests from Strangers.

You are putting yourself and all of your friends at risk when you accept requests from people you do not know. Take a look at the profile and make a better decision. Profiles that are new or have only a picture of the person are usually clues that something is off. On Instagram, if it’s “private” I would block.

2020 Update: It was just announced that several recent fake accounts were generated by artificial intelligence. These accounts are used to spread false information. They use fake accounts to evade detection and funnel traffic to their websites full of fake information that is made specifically to add to the political propaganda. 

Here’s a link to an article for more info:

Post Celebrity Deaths without Verifying.

How many times has Betty White and Morgan Freeman died?

Do a Google search first.

SPAM My Friends with My Business.

Get a professional business page on Facebook or other platform and use this to promote your business. If you want more friends involved, ASK THEM if they want to join a Facebook Group so you can share more information. On your personal profile, DO NOT constantly promote with product updates and sales. It’s against Facebook rules and frankly, you are alienating your friends. With your business page, an occasional share to your personal side is fine. More than once a week is pushing it!

Add Anyone to an Email List without Having Permission.

Having an email address does not give you permission to add anyone to any list. Neither does having a business card or making a LinkedIn connection. Adding without permission is considered SPAM. You must ask permission before adding to a list (or have someone opt-in).

In conclusion: These are just a few of the regular items I see that are putting you AND your reputation at risk online.

Do you have any others you would like to add?

Here’s to a successful New Year in 2020!

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