Looking for someone to simplify social media for a group of people? Look no further than National Speaker,

Vicki S. Cannon!

Vicki's speeches and workshops are inspiring, interactive and informative, designed to help participants take immediate action with CANnonDo's.

♦ Keynote Speeches
♦ Breakout Sessions or Workshops
♦ Group Training or Workshops for Employees
♦ Webinars or other Online Training
♦ Half-day or Full-day Trainings

    The topics below can be delivered as a keynote, conference breakout session, corporate/nonprofit training or webinar. Additional topics can be customized at your request.

  • Social Media and You; Reaching all Generations
  • Top Reasons Why You Need to Use Social Media
  • Time Management and Social Media
  • Simplifying and Demystifying Social Media
  • Marketing with a Social Media Twist
  • Additional topics can be customized at your request.

Vicki S. Cannon also offers in-depth, hands-on, on-site coaching sessions that reach into the specifics of various social media tools, such as:

  • Facebook Business Pages and How They Work
  • How to Set-up and Use LinkedIn for Sales Success
  • Engaging Business with Twitter
  • 7 CANnonDo Ways to Deliver Effective Visual Storytelling via Social Media
  • And more!
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