Meet Vicki

The truth is business success in a global market can be overwhelming.

Many small to medium sized businesses – even lawyers, bankers, financial advisors and insurance professionals who work within regulated industries – have figured out how to include a form of social media in their marketing mix. But understanding the ins and outs of marketing within compliance doesn’t always equal business growth.

♦ Are you efficient at turning Facebook posts into closed business?

♦ Do you know how to research qualified leads on LinkedIn?

♦ Does Twitter scare you away from online marketing?

♦ Do you even know what platforms are right for you?

I’m Vicki S. Cannon and I help clients like you cut through social media chatter. I make it my business as a Social Media Marketing Expert and Trainer to find what works for you. Whether as a keynote speaker, corporate trainer or professional business coach, I teach you how to:

  • Create brand awareness through social media posts
  • Connect with current customers online
  • Collect leads for target prospects
  • Communicate in ways that encourage engagement
  • Consistently post in only 15 minutes a day
  • Convert likes, follows and shares into real revenue

With more than 25 years in national account marketing, merchandising and sales, I understand the B2C world and previously held licenses with Securities Series: 6, 63 and 26, as well as insurance and mortgage licenses.

Let me help you and your team successfully wade through industry-specific  rules and regulations and at the same time teach you to leverage social media for professional success.

My clients tell me they learn more from me in a one-hour training session than in weeks of corporate-sponsored seminars.

Want to learn more? Don’t want to waste another minute before learning to effectively market your products and services through social media?

Email me ; or give me a call 913.667.9737