Social Media Audit Special

Is your social media performance lacking results?

Do you struggle with what to do next?

Are you promoting or damaging your company/brand with your online profiles and website?

If you answered yes, or you don’t know, to any of these questions, it’s time for a Social Media Audit.

When your different profiles are viewed (from your website to all your social media profiles), your message and content must be recognizable as connected to the company/brand you are promoting. If you lack consistency, you limit your chances of making social media a successful marketing channel for your business.

Social Media Audit:
♦ Professional full review of up to 3 social media platforms
(Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google, YouTube)
Website & chosen social media platform review
– Completion of profiles
– Consistency in details
– Consistency in imagery
– Consistency in message
   Social Media review
– Coordination of social media platforms with the message of your website
– Number of Likes/Followers/Connections
– Types of posts
– Posting frequency
– Engagement

Get-Results Report & Recommendation:
Detailed report
– Social Media Audit results
– Engagement Tips specific to your ideal client/industry
– keyword and hashtag recommendations
– posting times best suited for your audience
– Top 3 plans of action for improving your social media marketing to get results
– Tools to smoothly help manage your social activity

Bonus: 10 Social Media Best Practices – Report: Make these 10 best practices a consistent habit to build your brand and a loyal following of customers & supporters.

Value: $300 Special       Offer: $197
Additional Platforms may be added for $127 each