Marketing Summit


Crafting Your Public Identity: From Facts to Fulfillment

Every success is based on a clear idea, multiple pathways to realize that idea, and enough time to get it all done. If any one of those components is weak, stress is looming and success is in danger. Explore a new relationship with facts, strategies, and time that allows you to experience freedom and accomplishment. Shift your thinking from feelings to facts and your calendar from being a list of deadlines and appointments to a structure for fulfillment. View the handout


Vicki Cannon
Vicki S. Cannon
Cannon Social Media Solutions

Vicki S. Cannon is dedicated to making social media impact your bottom line. With over 25 years experience in national account marketing, her mission is to simplify and demystify your social media experience. As President and Founder of Cannon Social Media Solutions, Vicki specializes in solutions that work. Together you will identify the best social media strategies that build your brand awareness and search engine optimization. Vicki is your media go-to-partner to help you reach your business goals.

Devon Plumberg
Devon Plumberg
Divine Coach

Devon Plumberg is a marketing professional who coachs individuals and organizations to develop powerful marketing strategies based on relationship and influence. For more that 20 years, she has worked in multi-billion dollar corporations, federally regulated industries, higher education and non-profit organizations as well as small businesses. During that time, Devon visited over 20 states training and speaking on topics such as project management, volunteer and civic involvement, fundraising, relationship-based sales and marketing. Today, she works with small business owners and executives to develop the mindset, message and methodology fo their marketing message.