Who Wants To Win Friends, Influence Customers AND

Watch Your Business Grow This Summer?

Let's Go To Camp!

Each September clients tell me "it feels like I'm starting over."

That's because they've taken the summer off!

Do you want your customers to go with another company because you are out-of-sight - out-of-mind?

When you attend #CampCANnonDo...
I guarantee you access to the PROVEN methods I use to stay in front of my customers, prospects and leads all year long.

Join me this summer for: 


Summer Camp Includes:

10 Weeks of Summer Camp-Themed Activities for

Social Media Success

10 Easily-Consumed Video Trainings

(1 new video delivered every week)

2 Field Trips (without taking a school bus!)

3 Weekly CANnonDo Action Steps for Content Creation

(total of 30 post update ideas)


ONLY $100

♦ Orientation Sessions 
- Trends in social media
- Tips & Tools to make your life easier
- 3 specialized status updates for the week


 -  Camp-type themes that will excite and motivate you
- Short video with action steps to implement your business and social media marketing plan
- Posting and content mapping made easy with 3 weekly CANnonDo actions. You'll NEVER worry about what to post ever again! Get RESULTS!

Field Trips (without the bus!) 

- Social Media Field Trips. You'll never guess where we are going to go!

Don’t let the busy summer keep you from staying top-of-mind with your customers/clients.


Join NOW to add a little fun & excitement to your summer-time marketing.

ONLY $100